Professional Peer Mentoring for Women Compelled to Help Others.

Unlike counseling schools that train students to become counselors, therapists, psychologists, and social workers, this online life coach training was designed for women who believe that formal education is not as relevant to their desire to become a certified life coach as their own personal development, evolving insights, and life experiences.  We, here at the Women's Leadership for Conscious Coaching llc, believe that the best life coach trainings teach life coaching skills that support their students to becoming exceptional and empathetic professional peer mentors.  If you are interested in becoming a certified wellness counselor, if you want to become a certified life coach, or if you would like to learn how to become certified as as a consultant who works in private practice, read on.

The Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching 

This online life coach certification training is taught as an online life coach school designed for women compelled to help others as certified life coaches or professional consultants.   Because we believe that the presence of women in leadership positions can heal and transform both individuals and organizations, our mission is to educate and empower as many women as possible to become entrepreneurs, leaders, mentors, life coaches, and consultants.

This online life coach certification training is an online school that affords women the opportunity to learn on their own terms, during their own time schedules, and in the privacy of their own homes and workplaces.

Our life coach school is designed primarily, though not exclusively, for adult mid-career women seeking an opportunity to have a full or part time private practice. It is a transformational process that promotes and facilitates the personal and professional development of each student. While we place a high value on self-awareness and self-reflection, we recognize that mere knowledge and even personal transformation are incomplete until a certified life coach consistently exhibits the tools for transformation that they learned in their life coach training.  We draw heavily from cognitive behavioral psychology and positive psychology, including Sunny Massad's trademarked UnTherapy system of counseling to remove the root of unwanted behavior patterns. Once the root issues are resolved, motivation can be easily and effortlessly accessed.  We are looking for potential life coaching students who place a high value on care for the soul. We teach a method called Conscious Coaching to assist others to get permanent and effective changes in their lives regardless of their past. 

This wellness-oriented life coaching school is the perfect alternative for people seeking to learn motivational and disciplinary skills that are unrelated to traditional counselor trainings.  Our life coaching students are taught to distinguish between populations who need psychological services for treatment of diagnosable conditions and those who simply require a boost to keep them moving forward. This model does not focus on the “why’s” or the stories of a client's past, but on where the client wants to end up and what needs to happen in themselves to ensure they get there.

We provide an experiential practicum as part of our life coach certification training. Graduates of this online life coach school become certified life coaches and professional development consultants.  Sign up for a free onine coaching session with Dr. Sunny Massad to determine whether this online life coach school  is right for you.

While Track 1 of the training focuses on practical coaching, consulting, and counseling proficiencies, students also learn the business and entrepreneurial skills necessary to build a successful private practice as a certified life coach specializing in conscious coaching. Students master their own personal development and then learn how to provide this holistic approach for self empowerment to their own paying clients.  Check out our free video about the differences between counseling, coaching, and consulting careers.

Distance Learning Life Coach School

Because this life coach training is an online, virtual education process designed for busy women who don't have time or money to go to a counselor school, it is available 24-hours a day.  The life coach training course content is available through multimedia resources including PowerPoint presentations with commentary, pre-recorded videos, and online quizzes all available on one interactive website.

Each Student is Personally Mentored by Dr. Sunny Massad

Each of our life coaching students are personally coached by their own faculty mentor and has access to live twice-a-month teleconference sessions with Dr. Sunny Massad, the President of the Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching and the teacher of this life coach school. 

Call (808) 842-6611 for a free consultation about whether this training might fit in with your career objectives.

Learn from the privacy of your own environment.

Course Curriculum

Track 1: Learn How be a Life Coach or Consultant

  • Mentoring 101
  • From Fear to the First Session
  • Foundations of Counseling
  • How Emotions Affect Individuals
  • Ensuring Healthy Relationships
  • Self-Hypnosis and Meditation for Relaxation
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Practical Applications

BONUS - Track 2: How to Start, Run, and Market a Private Practice

  • Self-Evaluation for Transformation
  • Attracting What You Believe Say and Do
  • Vision and Values
  • Refining Your Vision
  • Finding Your Niche Market
  • Insuring Success
  • Personalized Mentoring

Tuition for both tracks range from $2,850 (if two friends register together), $2,950 (if paid in one payment), or $3,500 (if you pay-as-you-go). 


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