Women ReInventing Themselves

Is it just me, or are there still a lot of women still living as though they were auditioning for a Superwoman position? I understand the drive to prove one’s competence. Many women do that by moving at the speed of light and multi-tasking so well that all the balls, representing all the areas of their lives, remain in the air. It’s an exhilarating game that gets us through the pressure cooker stages of our lives. But once we’ve proven ourselves, isn’t the reward to relax into the life we earned?

Many women get so good at muti-tasking that they burn their adrenal glands out. Getting so caught up in doing rather than taking a substantial amount of time for “being” can result in a desolate sense of isolation, devoid of connection or meaning. When the emotional body takes a back seat to the organizing mind, the system gets out of balance and our lives begin to feel robotic.

Thank goodness we have an innate capacity to rejuvenate. If even small changes can be made in our lifestyles, the mental, emotional and physical well-being is capable of returning to equilibrium. But most women don’t have many, if any, healthy role models to look to when they are ready to take their “big girl panties” OFF once in awhile! 

The root of the word “health” means “to make whole.” Who doesn’t want to feel healthy and whole? Everyone wants it but not everyone knows how to get there. Our own willingness to share personal strategies that helped us reverse self-destructive tendencies will only inspire others to do the same. It serves others to embody a healthy lifestyle. Our walking our talk and sharing HOW we enjoy “down time” helps others to recognize that it’s possible.

Granted, sometimes we make poor choices when we are simply trying to get through the time pressures of a day. And, it’s not uncommon to distract ourselves or find ways to numb emotional pain that aren’t particularly good for us in the long term. But pain, whether physical or emotional, best serves us as a “wake up!” call. Finally getting to the point when we can no longer handle the stress that we keep putting ourselves through provides just the impetus necessary for transformation.

Awareness is the first step. May you become aware of what is working in your life and what is not so that you can re-invent yourself in a manner that brings grace and ease to your life. Then share what you learned with others so that they can use YOU as their role model!

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