UnTherapy is solution-oriented problem-solving that can either help you to make practical, fearless, permanent changes in your life circumstances or to come to peace with issues that you have no control over.

UnTherapy is a positive psychology that introduces self-care and self-compassion to heal self-neglect and self-abuse. The UnTherapy approach to counseling replaces worry, whining, and destructive habits by rebooting the mind to return to a sense of well-being.

How does the UnTherapy system of counseling work?

UnTherapy differs from orthodox models of counseling in one essential way: the emphasis is on understanding how to release  self-defeating patterns rather than focusing on why you got into those patterns in the first place.


Who is wellness counseling geared toward?

UnTherapy is ideal for people who simply require a boost forward to move beyond old patterns that hold them back:

  • well-adjusted people who feel “stuck” in some way
  • people who drive themselves too hard
  • people who want to restore a sense of well-being in their lives
  • people who self-sabotage
  • people in transition

For the first time in history, human beings suffer from technology-related stress but we were never taught how to pause, stop, or quiet the incessantly thinking mind. My background as a meditator and hypnotherapist enabled me to create a system that reverses chronic symptoms of burnout, including insomnia and anxiety.


How is UnTherapy different from Therapy?

While I have been retired from my private practice as a psychologist since 2016, I still feel a need to educate the public about the advantages of stepping out of their health insurance paradigm if it isn't evoking permanent and positive changes in your life situation. While most health insurance companies cover psychological services, the intention of such services is to treat diagnosable mental conditions. The skills that traditional therapists learn in order to treat that diagnosable conditions are not particularly useful or beneficial to people who already live functional lives. In fact, I would go as far as to say that traditional psychological interventions can even be detrimental to persons on a spiritual path who have already moved beyond the wounds of their past. The American Psychological Association modeled itself after the American Medical Association.  They both advocate treating symptoms after they arise. UnTherapy is preventive and wellness-oriented in that it's focus is to actually resolve root issues before symptoms arise in an effort to support a healthy lifestyle.

UnTherapy is trademarked system of wellness counseling that serves as a holistic alternative to therapy.