Reprogramming Your Mind for a Change


It’s hard to stay optimistic and enthusiastic when you think the same fear based thoughts over and over again.  Studies show that we have about 50,000 thoughts per day, and 90% of them are repetitive.  Other research indicates that 77% of everything that most people think about is negative, self-damaging, and counterproductive.

The first step to break this cycle of destructive thinking is to become more aware of what thoughts are running through your mind.  This can take vigilance because the ego identifies with the thoughts. Witnessing your thoughts requires stepping back and listening to what you are telling yourself. The most obvious time to practice is when you are not feeling good about something. Ask yourself: Is this thought true? Is this thought helpful?

For example, you were excited about starting a new exercise routine but when it comes time to begin, you feel apathetic. You notice that you are telling yourself that you “don’t have time, it’s too hot, you’re not in the mood.” The mind does not like change. It will often conjure fearful thoughts to sabotage doing something new or different.

As yourself if it helpful to you to think what you are thinking? Notice how your thoughts are affecting your feelings. Even if your thoughts are accurate, they may not be in your best interest in the long term. Many people find that their mind prefers immediate gratifications over long term gains.

To motivate yourself to make the change you want to have in your behavior, requires a positive coach inside your head that replies to the excuses “it’s true that time is tight, but I’ve set aside this hour to exercise and although it’s hot and I’m not in the mood, I’m going to follow through on my commitment to myself because I know how great I’ll feel while I’m exercising and when I’m finished.” Borrow Nike’s slogan and “Just do it!” despite the whining voices in your head.

If you’d like to learn how to Master your mind instead of your Mind being the Master of your life, or, if you would like to teach others how to do the same, call me for a free phone consultation. 

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