How to Motivate Yourself

I just read an article that compared going to see a counselor with the eating of good chocolate. Both experiences can be rich and make you feel good. But only an elite few actually know the value of looking within to overcome internal obstacles and sculpt their own lives. Many people actually don't know HOW to chisel away old attitudes or behaviors that no longer serve them. It's not a skill we were taught in the 5th grade, although it would have been a useful one to learn around that age!

Just a small percentage of people know how to motivate themselves to reverse poor choices or turn their fantasies into goals and even fewer actually take advantage of the skills that a good coach or counselor can provide. But self-reflection is the first step necessary to sculpt a life. Taking just a little time to determine how you want to evolve creates a foundation for beginning to clear away the fears and stories that you've been telling yourself and others about why you can't do what you actually would rather be doing.

Most people focus on what they don't want and that keeps them spiraling away from what they actually would prefer to have. If you long to change but have been unable to take the necessary actions to insure you get what you want, begin by identifying an action you need to take but haven't been able to get yourself to do. Now ask yourself some essential questions:

What is it that that action could give you?
How will your life be different if you put the effort it takes into taking that action?
What needs to happen in your attitudes and behaviors in order for you to get moving toward your goal?
What needs to happen within yourself for you to turn your desire into a commitment that you would follow through on?