Emotional Survival 101


When I was young, like so many people, I developed strategies to emotionally survive. I conjured a tough persona so that no one would know how truly sensitive and vulnerable I really was. But I discovered that the very strategy that I developed to free me and to keep me safe, actually threw me into emotional bondage. While my intention was to protect my heart from pain, I ended up isolated and alone because I was unable and unwilling to let anyone in.

If you cannot express how you feel or what you believe to someone because you are afraid of their response, you are allowing yourself to be controlled by your own fear. If you have been swallowing your feelings to protect the feelings of others, ask yourself what are you really afraid of? You deserve to be respected for your opinions. But how will anyone ever know who you really are if you do not risk showing them?

If you want to live an authentic, soul-directed life, you will have to stop trying to manipulate others to like and approve of you. You will need to allow them to have their own feelings even if those feelings include disappointment, hurt or anger. When you relinquish control, you will be emotionally free, your heart will sing, and creativity will flow! If people in your life leave you because you are being authentic, they are not kindred spirits. In your authenticity, you will find others who vibrate at the same frequency as you and you will finally be able to experience authentic intimacy.