Crazy Wisdom


Where did women get the notion that women in their 30s, 40s, or even 50s were on the decline? For the past fifty years women have been subtly, and not so subtly pressured to hold on to the youthful looks of their 20s. And while I never suspected that I could be influenced by the anti-aging advertisements or the ridiculously thin fashion models and movies stars that grace the pages of even Oprah’s magazine, those messages DO seep in!

If I could return to my 40-year-old self, the first thing I would tell her is “40 is not old! Considering you have only been an adult for twenty years, and you could very well live for another fifty or sixty years, you obviously have a skewed perception about age! Just relax and enjoy the ride!”

Luckily, many women simply refuse to buy into the hype. When the Dove soap campaign began, they conducted a study to determine how women felt about themselves. About 17 percent felt more trapped than ever by the ideals of attractiveness; about 53 percent felt conflicted, and about 30 percent were committed to defining beauty for themselves.
UnTherapy is dedicated to the resurgence of the true self that is constantly at risk of being repressed, judged, abandoned, or buried beneath the pressures to be, do, and have it all. Take pleasure in the refuge and beauty of your true self!

Find the “pause” button that can quiet your mental chaos and return you to a place of calm and allow the call to your inner life, the return to your true self, to emerge.

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