Awaken Yourself, Awaken Humanity

If you don’t feel like you have control over your own peace of mind, health and happiness, you
may not have learned that it is not only okay, but essential to the wellbeing of humanity, that
you give yourself what you REALLY want.

Unless you learn practical skills to take better care of yourself and unless you are motivated to
feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally, you will probably either continue driving
yourself faster and harder than is good for you or you could lose your passion and feel apathetic
about life.

Accept Yourself as a Work in Progress

One’s journey has to begin with the basic premise that life is a process. It is healthier to accept
where you are right now than it is to wish you were where you think you should be.
Are you tired? stiff? anxious about your future? been far too stressed for far too long? Treat
yourself like you would treat a best friend if they were suffering int he ways that you have been

Most emotional suffering is a result of comparing to an ideal of how you think life should be.
Stop comparing. Celebrate your own uniqueness. If you like to sleep late, be proud of it!
Every flower in the garden is different and each has it’s own beauty, just the way it is.

Practice Self-Compassion

Take care of yourself so that you can care for others without feeling resentful or burnt out.
Everyone knows that they need to put themselves to bed earlier. Most people don’t MAKE the
time ... don’t want to waste their precious waking hours resting. When was the last time that
you took a long, luxurious bath? or walked barefoot on the beach?or took a dip just for the pure
sensuous pleasure of it?

If you don’t use your time to serve your highest values, but instead just find yourself mindlessly
engaged in unfulfilling activities, months and years can pass and dreams can have a tendency to
fall by the wayside.

Quality of life cannot be purchased. Not even at a spa. But if you keep company with people
who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best, you might not only experience success but
deep fulfillment!

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