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Whether you are tired of "working on yourself," overwhelmed by your day-to-day life, or are just in need of a boost, UnTherapy is an efficient, effective, painless alternative to traditional counseling.  Unlike "why" therapy, UnTherapy is solution-oriented problem-solving that propels you to get on with your life.  

"I was lost. I didn't see my own self worth. I always needed reassurance from others to make myself feel better. After only 2 sessions my life turned around. I have came to peace with myself. I feel good in my own skin."

"Sunny Massad inspired me to kick into gear!  I am so grateful I came to see her.  I was stuck and now I'm moving!"


         UnTherapy is a no-nonsense, practical, and self-empowering style of counseling originated by Sunny Massad to move you out of drama and into stress-free living.  Sunny has gone on sabbatical from her private practice but her books, CD's and life coach school are still accessible through this website..

Telephone, and Skype Counseling   

Before I left my practice to go on sabbatical, the heart of my counseling was to provide tools to my clients so that they could access and maintain peace of mind. I may resume counseling again one day when I am not doing so much international travel.

Women's Online Life Coach / Counselor / Consultant Career Training   

Because I believe that the presence of women in leadership positions can heal and transform the world in which we live, I have been educating and empowering women to become professional life coaches, personal development consultants and entrepreneurs since 1999. My online self-paced life coach certification training affords women the opportunity to learn on their own terms during their own free time. 

End of Life and Life Threatening Illness Counseling

If you have been diagnosed with a life threatening or debilitating illness or if you or someone you know is facing issues relating to end of life, I can help alleviate fears that might be preoccupying your mind.  I have worked with Hospice patients for 24 years and provide both practical services to help a patient to "get their life in order" as well as spiritual counsel. Because I am presently traveling, however, Skype and phone counseling are our only options.  There is no charge for this service. (808) 284-2346.

How to Motivate Yourself

I just read an article that compared going to see a counselor with the eating of good chocolate. Both experiences can be rich and make you feel good. But only an elite few actually know the value of looking within to overcome internal obstacles an...... Read More

Being Present, Being Mindful

Being fully present to any single moment, truly being here now, is as easy as being aware of the next breath, and as difficult. Try a small experiment. While you are reading this paragraph, watch your breath coming into and going out of your body ...... Read More


    Negative Self Talk

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    Quality of LIfe

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