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Whether you are tired of "working on yourself," overwhelmed by your day-to-day life, or just in need of a boost, UnTherapy is an efficient, effective, painless alternative to traditional counseling.  Unlike most counselors in Hawaii, I don't do "why" therapy.  I specialize in solution-oriented problem-solving.  

UnTherapy is a no-nonsense, practical method of counseling that uses a positive psychology to move you into a stress-free experience regardless of what is going on around you.

I use a blend of principles and traditions from the Eastern traditions in my counseling that specifically help to alleviate the fallout of techno-stress.

One-On-One, Telephone, and Skype Counseling   

The heart of my counseling is to provide whatever tools you need to access peace of mind.  Regardless of your life challenges , together we will work to restore your focus and clarity. I have helped thousands of clients reclaim their lives since over the course of my long career as a counselor here in Honolulu. Feel free to contact me for a free phone consultation at 808 842-6611 if you have questions.

Women's Online Life Coach / Counselor / Consultant Career Training   

Because I believe that the presence of women in leadership positions can heal and transform the world in which we live, I have been educating and empowering women to become professional peer mentors, life coaches, and personal develpment consultants and entrepreneurs since 1999. My online life coach training affords women the opportunity to learn on their own terms during their own time. Join my mail list if you want to learn about online life coach training opportunities available to women who would like to earn extra income as a wellness counselor, life coach, or consultant.

Hawaii Speaker   

Are you looking for a speaker or trainer?  I offer an East-West approach to stress management by integrating traditional Eastern values like calm, order, peace of mind and selfless service with Western standards of efficiency, productivity, success, and fulfillment.  My public speaking programs are fast-paced, fun, experiential, and easily adapted to daily routine.  Give me a call to discuss how I might customize a training or speaking program to meet the needs of your group whether you are here in Honolulu, in Hawaii, or elsewhere.

End of Life and Life Threatening Illness Counseling

If you have been diagnosed with a life threatening or debilitating illness or if you or someone you know is facing issues relating to end of life, I can help alleviate many of the thoughts and fears that preoccupy the mind.  I have been working with Hospice patients here in Hawaii for 24 years and provide both practical services to help you to "get your life in order" and spiritual counsel. Skype and phone counseling and house calls available upon request.  808 842-6611

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